Friday, September 18, 2009

17+ weeks and 3rd Doctor Appt

*17 Weeks*

  • Still sick in the mornings, but feeling better then before
  • I have started feeling baby move a little bit, it is amazing!
  • Haven't had any wierd cravings, but definitely some aversions
  • Got to be with Nikell when she had baby Sophie and it has made me WAY excited for our baby to come!
  • Been getting some pretty bad headaches
  • I have lost about 11 pounds, doctor said I was averaging losing about 1 pound a week, need to start gaining weight.
  • We are going on our cruise in about 2 weeks and I hope I don't get sick
  • Heard the baby's heartbeat at the doctor appt and it sounded great, nice and strong!
  • We scheduled our ultrasound appt for October 13th and I can barely stand it, I can't wait to find out what baby is!


  1. yay can't wait to find out what it is!! i think i can see a cute little belly starting!! i miss just having a cute little one like that.... then it just gets huge. enjoy it while it lasts haha

  2. Cute idea of having a book (someday) of your pregnancies! (I guess I'm just assuming you're having more than one although you may not feel like it right now). Glad you're feeling a bit better. If you're going on a cruise soon you better be feeling better. I hear the buffet's that are non stop are Great! Hang in there--I'm seeing boy in your future?? If not, Sophie needs a girl to hang with.